Torpedo armament control devices


K-10 Shkval control equipment complex

K-10-Shkval-control-equipment-complexTo receive the data of yaw, pitch, roll, selected depth, selected distance and single commands that input from the carrier, in order to form controlling signals on the underwater missile steering gears according to the selected movement control algorithm.

K39-02 Lyutik control equipment complex


To receive the data of yaw ψ, pitch θ, selected depth H, roll γ, balance parameters δ∞ of rudder deviation angles on channels ψ, θ, γ, input from the carrier, to form controlling signals on the torpedo steering gears according to the approved control laws.

B-80 Automatic pilot

B-80-Automatic-pilotTo receive search depth data, input from the carrier on-board circuit, to form control laws by yawing channels ψ, pitch θ and roll γ; to transmit information on automatic pilot readiness to on-board circui.

K-81 Medvedka control equipment complex

K-81-Medvedka-control-equipment-complexTo control MPT-1U combat torpedo of small-size missile anti-submarine system mounted on surface vessels including dynamic support ships.

Giroscopic yawing sensor DK26

Giroscopic-yawing-sensor-DK26To transform device body turning angle into the electrical signal relative to external axis of gimbal suspension.

K-78 Sirena-M control equipment complex

K-78-Sirena-M-control-equipment-complexTo form steering commands to the steering gear of self-propelled device by yaw channels and depth H, to convey the data on current changes in yaw and depth parameters to on-board circuit.

PK Yawing device

PK-Yawing-deviceTo form operating commands to the steering machine.

PK Yawing device

PK-Yawing-device1To form operating commands to the steering machine.