Services: Naval Systems

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Ships and boats


Models Multi purpose corvette “MIRAGE” Communication Integrated external and internal communication system including SATCOM Crew 59 persons (including 11 officers + 24 CPOs & POs) Helicopter facilities Landing deck for Lynx or Dauphine type helicopter with ASIST ASW and ASUW weapon: missiles, torpedoes, depth bombs Sonobuoys, Helo crew spaces Sensors MUSHKET multifunction radar system, including…

Radar complexes


Models Multifunctional radar complex “MINERAL-ME” The multipurpose radar target designation complex “Mineral-ME” provides long-range over-the-horizon detection of the surface targets, reception and processing surface situation data received from tactical group vessels, equipped with “Mineral” type complexes (systems), and also from aircraft and helicopters that transmit data using regular means of radio communication, develops and presents…

Fire control systems


Models Optoelectronic fire control system “SARMAT-2” It is intended for fire control of automated artillery gun mounts of small and medium caliber while air, surface and coastal targets firing, as well as observation over surface and coast environment. optoelectronic device with high sensitive TV camera and laser rangefinder servomotors control device system control panel IR…

Sonar complexes and systems


Models Hydroacoustic station “TRONKA” It is intended for detection of underwater diversionary forces and means (UDFM) to protect: the ships at their anchorage in the high sea, on roadstead, in unprotected points of basing; the hydro-engineering and important objects in ports and harbors. The station provides: UDFM automated detection, tracking and classification; automated measurement of…