BLRT Grupp



ShipbuildingShipbuilding is one of BLRT Grupp’s historic lines of activity and owes its development to the holding’s predecessor – the Russo-Baltic Shipbuilding Yard, which was founded in 1912.

Today, BLRT Grupp renders high-quality services in small-scale and heavy-duty shipbuilding. The companies of the holding are able to not only develop conceptual designs and prepare technical documentation for ships, but also build ship on a turnkey basis.

The following companies of BLRT Grupp engage in shipbuilding projects:

  • Western Baltic Engineering – ship design;
  • Marketex Marine – small-scale shipbuilding;
  • Western Baltija Shipbuilding – heavy-duty shipbuilding.

Ship repair


Complex ship repairing and modernisation projects were started at BLRT Grupp shipyards in 1947.

Today, smooth cooperation between the holding’s shipyards allows us to perform fast, high-quality repair and conversion of any ship sailing on the Baltic Sea.

Ship repair and modernisation is performed by three BLRT Grupp shipyards:

  • Tallinn Shipyard
  • Turku Repair Yard
  • Western Shiprepair


StevedoringBLRT Grupp provides stevedoring services, among others, including the transfer of consignments to and from ships in ports and also quality control of performed operations.

BLRT Grupp comprises the following companies rendering stevedoring services:

  • BLRT Transiit
  • Western Stevedoring

Port services

Port-servicesAll of the shipyards render harbour services to some extent.

BLRT Grupp has five shipyards

  • in Tallinn (address: Kopli 103 and Tööstuse 48)
  • in Klaipeda (address: Piles g. 8 and Minijos g. 180)
  • in Turku (Navirentie)

The shipyard rendering harbour services in Estonia (Tallinn) is Vene-Balti sadam.

Metal product processing and sale

BLRT Grupp supplies its customers with ferrous and non-ferrous rolled metal, and provides metal working services. The efficient network of distribution and service and warehouse centres of Elme Metall support the activity of the company in this field.

Steelwork manufacturing and mechanical engineering

BLRT Grupp manufactures steelwork of various complexity and dimensions using different metals as raw material.

Steelwork projects are performed by the following BLRT Grupp enterprises:

  • Marketex Offshore Constructions – large and complex component production on a turnkey basis for off-shore gas and oil producing industry;
  • BLRT Masinaehitus – manufacturing of small welded structures and heavy-duty steelwork machining;
  • BLRT Valukoda – manufacturing of products using different cast iron types according to the customer’s needs.

Scrap collection and processing

In BLRT Grupp, scrap metal collection and processing, as well as ship breaking, is an area of expertise for one of the holding’s subsidiaries: BLRT Refonda Baltic.

Gas production and sale

BLRT Grupp produces technical, welding and cutting, medical, food and specialty gases, in liquid and gaseous states. This area of expertise is covered by Elme Messer Gaas, established by BLRT Grupp and MESSER Group.

Transport services

BLRT Grupp renders freight transportation services both by road and by sea.

The following companies of BLRT Grupp offer freight transportation services by road and sea:

  • Elme Trans – road transport and freight forwarding
  • MPV Management – ship transport