Fire control systems


Optoelectronic fire control system “SARMAT-2”

Optoelectronic-Fire-Control-System-SARMAT-2It is intended for fire control of automated artillery gun mounts of small and medium caliber while air, surface and coastal targets firing, as well as observation over surface and coast environment.

  • optoelectronic device with high sensitive TV camera and laser rangefinder
  • servomotors control device
  • system control panel
  • IR camera (optional)

Optoelectronic fire control system “SENS-2”


  • Measurement of coordinates and distance to the selected target
  • Observation of surface and coastal environment
  • Control of naval artillery

System provides

  • Reception of a target designation from station and hand-operated targets presearch in the field of errors of a preliminary target designation
  • Hand-operated capture and automatic support of the targets on angular coordinates and range
  • Measurement of angular coordinates and range to the targets
  • Definition of target motion parameters
  • Meteorological and ballistic preparing of shooting
  • The decision of a gunnery problem of a shell on target and development of parameters of homing of a gun (full angles horizontal and an elevation guidance)
  • Proof-readings of shooting
  • Autonomous hand-operated search of the targets (air, surface, coast) in the sector
  • Choice of modes of shooting and the account of a spent ammunition
    Indication of fault reports

Fire control system with active array radar “STILET-2“

Fire-control-system-with-active-array-radar-stilet-2Optical-radar tracking system “Stilet” in different weather conditions, day and
night-time provides:

  • detection in a given sector and automatic tracking of air, surface and coastal targets
  • shooting management of universal medium-caliber artillery (76 … 130 mm)

System provides

  • Autonomous detection of air, low-flying, surface and coastal targets in sector
  • Primary target designation  and in  autonomous (reserve) mode, including in sectors affected by radio jamming
  • Automatic target acquisition, capture and tracking in  angular coordinates and range
  • Calculation of complete gun guidance angles in the horizontal and vertical planes
  • Inertial target tracking in bearing and elevation
  • Mapping and documenting of current information
  • Observation points falling projectiles and measure deviations for  corrections of  firing at surface and coastal targets
  • Accounting meteorological and ballistic correctives  in shooting management
  • Generation and display of shooting management information
  • Simulation mode for training of operators on system combat use