Armored vehicles


BTR-3E, BTR-3E1 Armoured personnel carrier

BTR-3E,-BTR-3E1-ARMOURED-PERSONNEL-CARRIERIt is intended for cargoes and personnel transportation and protection providing against small arms and NBC. It may be used for equipping of special units of the Armed Forces and quick-reaction forces as a transporta- tion means or as a carrier of any weapon and military equipment and can be operated for fulfilment of military and peacemaking missions both on motor roads network and in cross-country conditions.

BTR-4 Armoured personnel carrier


BTR-4 armoured personnel carrier is an 8×8 amphibious wheeled armoured vehicle intended to transport personnel of  mechanized infantry units and
to provide fire support for these units in combat operations. The BTR-4 is intended to equip mechanized infantry units that can fulfill operations under various combat conditions, including NBC environment.

Design is based on a modular structure selected to give the maximum flexibility for multi-purpose operation.


The weapon station is equipped with armament system including 30mm automatic gun, 7.62mm co-axial machine gun, 30mm automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank guided missiles system installed on the platform stabilized in two planes. Weapon station is equipped with opticaltelevision sight system. Information is displayed on the gunner’s and commander’s monitors arranged on working stations of armoured vehicle chassis.

Remote-controlled system and outside combat module provides enhanced protection of the inhabitants, better conditions in the inhabited compartments (weapon station is outside that avoids gas contamination).

“DOZOR-B” Armoured personnel vehicle

DOZOR-B-ARMOURED-PERSONNEL-VEHICLEIt is intended for transportation of personnel of motorized infantry sub-units and its firing support in combat conditions.

“KOZAK” Multifunctional armoured vehicle

KOZAK-MULTIFUNCTIONAL-ARMOURED-VEHICLE It is intended for reconnaissance purposes carried out by special or peacemaking subunits. The Universal or Pickup versions may be used for cargo and staff transportation, as well as a medical vehicle and commander vehicle. It may be delivered in Basic, Universal and Pickup versions.

KOMBAT T-98 Armoured vehicle

KOMBAT-T-98-ARMOURED-VEHICLESpecial armored vehicles customized for both military and civilian use.

Its all-metal body is created with the highest quality steel and provides maximum strength parameters of the body and car design in general.

Vehicle’s platform is created using components from USA  manufacturer General Motors for GMC Sierra, Shevrolet Silverado 2500 (3500) — full-size pickup trucks.

  • KOMBAT T-98 is the fastest heavy armored all-road vehicle in the world.
  • Protection capabilities from level B2 to the highest B7.
  • Available STANAG NATO protection level 3⁄4. (protection from 12,7 mm bullet)


  • Disc brakes
  • Front discs: 325 mm x 38 mm ventilated
  • Rear discs: 325 mm x 30 mm ventilated Gas tank 105L (150L)
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Independent front suspension with torsion bars and stabilizer bar.
  • Rear suspension with two stage multileaf springs

Maximum speed of the vehicle with 17” wheels — 180 km/h. It reaches 100 km/h in 10 seconds.