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Ford F-550 3

Models Ford F-550 For those who are real tired from boring driving on the highways and true off-road lovers, our company finds and implements the most crazy solutions for a standard Ford F-550 chassis. At your request, we can upgrade your truck or make for you for real off-road truck.   At current moment, we…

Main battle tanks


Models “YATAGAN” Main battle tank The Yatagan MBT is equipped with a 120 mm gun and an automatic loader placed in the turret bustle, which enable it to fire NATO standard ammunition. The tank can engage ground, floating and low-speed air targets by day and at night at distances of up to 3 km (by…

Armored vehicles


Models BTR-3E, BTR-3E1 Armoured personnel carrier It is intended for cargoes and personnel transportation and protection providing against small arms and NBC. It may be used for equipping of special units of the Armed Forces and quick-reaction forces as a transporta- tion means or as a carrier of any weapon and military equipment and can…

Special purpose armored vehicles


Models BTR-3BR Armoured repair and recovery vehicles The vehicle is intended to prepare for recovery and to tow damaged armoured fighting vehicles, to carry out welding and excavation works, to transport spare parts and expendable materials within the weight limit of up to 2 t. BREM-84 Armoured repair and recovery vehicles BREM intended to prepare…