Services: Armoured vehicles

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Weapon systems and missiles


Models “BAR’ER” Vehicle-carried anti-tank missile system Vehicle-carried anti-tank missile system mounted on the fighting vehicle turret (ICV, APC) is intended to destroy stationary and moving modern armoured targets with combined, carried or monolithic armour including ERA (explosive reactive armour), and also pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, a tank in a trench, light-armoured objects and helicopters….

Fire control systems and protection


Models “DUPLET” Explosive reactive armour modules Effective protection from all type of munitions High reliability Detonation free when hit by machine guns shell splinters and incendiary mixtures Enhanced hermeticity and resistance to high temperatures Do not require maintenance Easy mounting Tandem dynamic protection system “Duplet” does not have analogues in the world. This is the…

Engines, devices, spare parts


Models 3TD-2 engine Intended to upgrade the engine compartments of APC and ICV. 3TD-4 engine Intended to upgrade the engine compartment of APC and ICV. 5TDF engine It is intended for use in Т-64 tank. Small height of the engine has enabled to create a new type of the engine compartment according to the two-storeyed…