Services: Naval Systems

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Torpedo armament control devices


Models K-10 Shkval control equipment complex To receive the data of yaw, pitch, roll, selected depth, selected distance and single commands that input from the carrier, in order to form controlling signals on the underwater missile steering gears according to the selected movement control algorithm. K39-02 Lyutik control equipment complex To receive the data of…

Turbogenerator, gas turbine engines


Models GTG-100-KGAS Turbogenerator Used in electric power plants of amphibious hovercraft as an autonomous power-supply source. UGT-3000 GAS Turbine engine Used in M15 main gas turbine power plants in “Tarantul” class ships. UGT-6000 GAS Turbine engine Used in M7, M15, M16, M20, M21, M27, M35 and MT70 MGTUs in “Tarantul”, “Pomornik”, “Slava”, “Murena”, “Krivak”, “Sokol-2”,…

Automated underwater vehicles


Models Project “OFFSHORE SAFETY” Search, inspection underwater works. On-line moni toring of underwater situation of coastal waters of the country by video-, hydroacoustic- and magnetometrec methods. Counter- terrorist and counter-diversion missions. Neutralization of potentially dangerous objects with the use of manipulators. In spection of underwater part of ship’s hull etc. Project “BL-50” Search, inspection underwater…

Support and modernization


Models Support and modernization of naval systems ROSE MONS OU has modern well-developed and unique ship-building facilities repair and manufacture, interceptor crafts, off-shore patrol vessels, hovercrafts, fast patrol boats, landing ships and submarines. ROSE MONS OU more than 40 years has been engaged in automatization of marine machinery and producing of automatic control facilities for…