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Ground based air defence systems


Models S-125-ML (Pechora-ML) Surface-to-air missile Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System S-125-ML (Pechora-ML) is intended for fighting modern and future means of air attack in conditions of heavy jamming and interference. Modernized SAM System S-125-ML efficiently destroys low-flying and low-sized targets in conditions of heavy radio interference. Modernized SAM System S-125-ML has service life of 15 years, increased…

Air to air, air to ground systems


Models R-27 Air to Air guided missile Intended for interception and destruction of piloted and non-piloted aircraft, as well as cruise missiles in long range and close manoeuvring air combat. It is a part of armament of MiG and Su types of aircraft. R-27EP1 and R-27P1 (export version) upgraded guided missiles of R-27 missile family…

Unmanned aerial systems


Models THEIA UAS Reliable multifunctional platform meant for operational and tactical information collection with up to 24 hours continuous flight time and 25 kg payload capacity. THEIA’s standard payload consists of a two-axis stabilised dual-camera gimbal with a daylight camera and an IR-camera for area surveillance or static/dynamic target geo-locating, geo-tracking, video tracking and target acquisition. Its secondary…

Parachute systems


Models Brake parachutes and safety systems BRAKE PARACHUTE PTK-6M for type SU-24 Aircraft BRAKE PARACHUTE PTK-10CK for type SU-30 Aircraft BRAKE PARACHUTE PTK-29 for type MiG-29 Aircraft BRAKE PARACHUTE PTK-10240-65 for type MiG-25 Aircraft PARACHUTE SAFETY SYSTEM PSU-36 Ser. 2 PARACHUTE SAFETY SYSTEM PSU-36 Ser. 4-3 Aerial delivery parachute system of a special purpose The…